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Disabled Veterans Insurance Agency (“DVIA”) is a holding company dedicated to helping disabled veterans start new careers and have ownership opportunities in the insurance industry.

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Mission, Vision and Strategies




Creating meaningful employment and ownership opportunities for disabled veterans within the insurance industry.
Drive awesome sales and service customer experience as a result of extraordinary training and education.



We envision a world where young men and women who made significant sacrifices while protecting our freedoms successfully transition into meaningful civilian careers. These careers would be virtual in nature, reducing the reliance of a physical location and stringent business hours requirements. In addition to having rewarding careers, those top-achieving young men and women would earn ownership opportunities, which they would otherwise not have given their lack of prior experience, historic income levels, and liquid assets to start a new business.



Grow through acquisitions of targeted agencies in order to capitalize on cross selling and up selling its existing book of business and organically growing in its established markets.
Earn the trust of the best targeted customers through lead generation by building an online presence to attract a high volume of insurance shoppers through a combination of earned and paid media.
Attract the best and brightest disabled veterans candidates to engage in this initiative.



Disabled Veterans Insurance Agencies


Veterans Insurance Agency

Providing insurance for autos, home, umbrella and recreational toys for American patriots, their families and friends


PolicyPro Service Center

Providing auto and homeowners insurance to customers of the PolicyPro family of insurance agencies


Cox- Bradenton

Providing auto and homeowners insurance to customers of Cox & Associates Insurance Services, Inc


Key Partnership


Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers, Inc.


The goal of the Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers, Inc. (“DVIC”), a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization, is to educate disabled veterans and provide disabled veterans employment that makes use of the education. The program is unique and designed for disabled veterans. DVIC has already been in contact, and will work closely, with the Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment Service (VR&E) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to identify qualified disabled veterans potential participants. The VR&E is the primary government resource for employment services and benefits for disabled veterans. Following completion of the educational and training program, DVIC will attempt to place graduates with insurance agencies and/or insurance companies. If DVIC cannot place a graduate, it will offer employment to the veteran. DVIC will provide services to insurance companies and insurance agencies that incorporate the skills learned.


DVIA’s intent is to utilize the services of DVIC as an employee outsourcer. In other words, DVIC will recruit, train and make available qualified employees to DVIA.




DVIC will excel at recruiting qualified candidates through the Veterans Affairs Office (“VA”) by using insurance industry standard aptitude profiling (e.g., Caliper, Omni) to identify promising sales personnel and customer service representative candidates.


The primary government resource for employment services and benefits for disabled veterans is the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service (“VR&E”). VR&E helps veterans with service-connected disabilities gain and maintain suitable employment. The VR&E is accessed through a program known as the Disabled Transition Assistance Program (“DTAP”).


DVIC will coordinate its efforts with, and rely heavily on, the aforementioned programs to identify and recruit promising candidates for the DVIC project.




Through a partnership with an accredited institution of higher learning (“AIHL”), training of up to one year will be provided through online courses and virtual classrooms. Curriculum will consist of three stages or modules:


Training Modules

Sales expectations
Achieving sales expectations
Achieving maximum performance



Online training will include testing (feedback) and telephone role-playing throughout each stage of the training process. The AIHL will contract with a third-party vendor to develop selected training modules. Technical training, both generic (e.g., auto insurance, homeowners insurance) and insurance company specific (e.g., Chubb, Hartford, Travelers), will be through proprietary offerings of participating insurance companies.


For more information, please visit www.dvic.us